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Open marketplace : the solution for your online marketplace

Our e-commerce platform allows commercial signs multi-tenants, professional organisations and chambers of commerce to put online their services to federate their members to publish opportunities of business, market products or provide economic intelligence.

Grow your business with odoo ERP

odoo is both a management software, a CMS, a platform for selling online, a document management and a corporate social network. Easy to use, the solution evolves at your own pace while allowing you to grow your sales and boost your commercial and financial performance.
open vision localized the accounting and Payroll modules and developed many odoo apps such as construction, real estate, travel agencies, tour operators and school management. Our Odoo (Ex OpenERP) senior consultants are at your disposal to offer you the solution best suited to your need.

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  • Analyze the needs, development of TOR, quality Audit… .

    You want to get started in the digital economy? Our team of expert consultants will accompany you to study your needs and an e-business strategy with you.

  • Graphic design, prototyping, mockups, Architecture BD Framework…

    The phase of the project to never neglect it is the detailed analysis of your needs and approval of a functional prototype before embarking

  • We use multiple programming languages and Web, Mobile, or embedded frameworks .

    Our developers are involved in governance mode or package on several technologies and languages: PHP, JAVA, C++, PYTHON, etc.

  • Functional testing, performance testing, software Qualification, training, TMA.

    A Go Live does not pass without a good companion of testing, training, installation and optionally an implementation of prod, administration and maintenance

Our nearshore development resources

Our nearshore development platform consists of qualified resources in web development, SEO, web marketing and community management, editorial content, graphic design and software testing and qualification. Outsourcing management, support and maintenance of software offers companies considerable operational improvements to increase productivity while reducing their costs.

Fusion Office
Project leaders
Web developers
Graphic designers
Web marketeers
We are editor and integrator of web, e-commerce, marketplaces and ERP apps.

- Hassen Dhrif, Founder & CEO, open vision

About us

open vision is created in 2007 as an affiliate of the two companies XVISION Engineering (in Tunisia) and OPEN WIDE (in France). At the beginning, we were a nearshore for pen wide centre. In 2011, we became integrator of OpenERP (now odo) solutions. By 2015, we edited open markeplace, the reference platform for virtual marketplaces.

Fusion Office

The company management

Hassen DhrifFounder & CEO

Hassen Dhrif

Founder & CEO

Hassen Dhrif is an IT expert and senior manager with over 20 years of experience in consulting, design and development of web, e-commerce, e-gov and ERP systems. His international experience spanned more than 15 countries, mostly in the EMEA region. He is a blogger and a frequent speaker about the use of big data and the digital economy. He graduated with a BSCS from the University of Minneapolis, Minnesota and a MSCS from the University of Miami, Florida – USA and an Executive MBA from MSB.

  • Testimonial
    Les opportunités d'affaires sont comme les bus, il y a toujours un autre à venir
    Richard BransonVirgin
  • Testimonial
    Nous voulons créer des services et des technologies intuitives qui sont si incroyablement utiles que les gens l’utilisent deux fois par jour. Comme ils utilisent une brosse à dents. Il n’y a pas beaucoup de choses que les gens utilisent deux fois par jour
    Larry PageFounder, Google
  • Testimonial
    L'équilibre du pouvoir se déplace vers les consommateurs et à l'écart des sociétés ... Pour cela vous devriez mettre la grande majorité de votre énergie, de vote attention et de vos dollars dans la construction d'un grand produit ou service sans gaspiller votre temps à crier à ce sujet pour sa commercialisation
  • Testimonial
    Help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big. Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world.

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